Saturday, September 04, 2004

Welcome to my Blog

As I delve into the world of blogging, I envision it, at least initially, as a journal primarily for my own consumption. I intend to use it to record the projects and tasks that occupy my day. I hope to draw upon it later to learn from my past. To start this off, I'll note that yesterday I found that code I had thought was properly installed on a Lotus Notes Server was behaving, it appeared, erratically where sometimes it would run "correctly" and other times it would run as if the recent changes I had made weren't installed. It turned out that the process invoking the COM proxy was the Notes Agent -- and there were four such processes allocated by Notes.

So the steps I had to take were:
Copy the modified assembly to the target folder.

gacutil -u KDConflictProxy
gacutil -i KDConflictProxy.dll
regasm /tlb:KDConflictProxy.tlb KDConflictProxy.dll


tell amgr quit
load amgr

One of the agent processes had held open an older version of the component; it was invoked seemingly randomly and the resulting intermittent behavior was driving me crazy.


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